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You must agree to limited use of our traffic for one offer within single funnel, such as:

Your Opt in page and Thank you page. Must have immediate follow up to deliver your offer and introduce yourself to new subscribers. Avoid multiple opt-ins in any way. No redirects, no pop ups, no exits, no co-regs, no sales pages. Plain and simple funnel with a teaser headline on opt in page and welcoming Thank you is all you neeed to collect MORE leads on your list.

Your opt in page must be approved BEFORE you make a payment. 

Our clicks should be directed only to single Url initially intended and stated during negotiation. Switching Opt in pages, URLs, redirects considered as braking out of agreement and assume termination of campaign immediately.


Any use of our solo ads traffic outside of our terms and conditions without written agreement considered as intentional misuse and permits immediate campaign termination without notice and no refunds.

If you place an order before your opt on page approval, you made uneducated step and totally responsible for your actions. Please do not send us any payments if you are not 100% agree with our rules, terms and conditions. Avoid any assumptions; clarify any expectations before your order and we guarantee our best services to you. We return money only of you received no clicks and subscribers. After clicks sent there are no refunds. Please agree on terms and conditions prior making payments and agree to our no refund policy.


Your opt in page for solo ads will be rejected if you use any replicated opt in pages provided by any opportunity or MLM of any type. It is absolute waste of traffic if you use replicated presentations and opt in pages, and we can help you to create your own custom page if you need one to build your list with our traffic.

- We do not send our traffic to presentations, sales letters, webinar submissions, Facebook pages and similar.
- Do not send to sales pages, OTOs or redirects. Avoid multiple opt-ins in any way.
- If you made payment prior to our approval, your order will be fulfilled on the next available date according to our schedule, and not on the date of your assumption.


Various tracking systems are not agree with each other and most marketers mistakenly use their autoresponder's statistics  reports instead professional tracking programs. Autoresponders are not professional taking programs.

We ask you to agree with data on our tracking system prior to make any orders. You should be able to place our tracking pixels on your thank you pages if we request so.

We value as our customer and will make all possible to make your experience positive as much as possible.  We have fanatical customer support and ready to serve you. 

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