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Follow these 3 simple steps to get the best possible quality solo ads

In the our blog post Hyper Solo Ads Agency: Solution to 3 biggest challenges we shared with you how to save 50% on spending for geo targeted 100% USA only solo ads . Here are some more tips below:

USA targeted Solo Ads

If you want to get more buyers and less freebie seekers, consider getting USA only targeted subscribers. Subscribers from other countries except USA, CA, UK, in general are compulsive clickers and build empty list of tire kickers that does not convert into sales.

Avoid cheap solo ads:

Owners of cheap solo ads generally do not care about their list and burn them with a huge amount of promotional messages on a daily basis. When you obtained a subscriber from such list the life of subscriber on your list will be very short and you need to replenish your list more often.

Treat your subscribers with respect and golden rule

Whether you decide to use solo ads email advertisement as a strategy to drive quality traffic to grow your online business, keep in mind that your subscribers list is not just of bunch of names with emails to cranks some quick cash. Your list represents a straggling people searching for a person they can trust first and second, follow recommendations to solve their problems!

Instead of focusing on sending over hyped offers to your list of targeted subscribers, focus on providing the best possible value that you able to share with your list to get into a better position whether that is money-wise, emotionally, physically, or spiritually with whatever you are selling.

Try and relate as much as you can with your prospects through your own personal experience by sharing your own unique story and pre-sell them with educational content.

Use 100% USA only traffic and stop paying for “dirty “clicks.

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