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Solo Ad Marketing Funnel for better use of Traffic and How To Build List Faster

Whenever you decide to build your list buying one of our solo ads, please keep in mind the following few rules and directions for your funnel to be accepted.

We reserve the right to reject (with no refund) any solo ad you purchase that isn’t using a subscription funnel flow and/or landing page shaped according to the following guidelines below.

1. Exit splash/ pop up

Any page in the funnel can have at the maximum, one (1) single exit splash type of interruption to be shown when a visitor tries to exit.
This has to be as unobtrusive as possible and allow the visitor to decline the exit offer immediately and bounce without any extra attempt to keep them on site! Please do not loop visitor in a continuous exit splash offers.

2.  Landing Page

Landing page can be one of the following:

- Opt In page/ Squeeze page  for offering a freebie like an e-book, video, tutorials,  e-course, etc.

- Based on our practice we recommend to limit number of fields to email filed only.

- Single opt in form is recommended to obtain maximum subscribers. Please remove request for confirmation or so- called double opt in. Your funnel should not have redirects to other funnels.

Depending on the type of list you are building, the funnel can be shaped in a few ways from here on…

3. Thank you Page

- A visitor redirected to a Thank you Page after submitting their e-mail.
- DO NOT USE Sales page promoting paid offer as a Thank you page.

- Your subscribers receive immediate follow up message from you and start to know you.

4. Monetisation Options  with follow up messages: 

- Follow up with at least 7 messages and develop trust by providing value added content before sending promotional offers.

- Add 2 or 3 monetisation options in forms of links, banners and text boxes leading to Monetisation Pages.   

Notice: Do not add sales page directly after Opt in page.

If you want to ad sales page after opt in page you should buy our Solo To Sales packages specifically designed for you to make sales.

Please do not add the Sales Page directly after the Opt in page with any solo packages unless you pay specifically for Solo to Sales package,  – we cannot accept that and I will have to sadly reject your order without refund resulting in no Solo AD sent for such a funnel. You must read our Terms and Conditions and in order to have realistic expectations. 

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