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Solo Ads dirty clicks over USA only traffic

Most solo ads vendors do not reveal what percent of their clicks coming from USA. They don’t want you to know the truth: 99% of their clicks are from countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia or Western Europe.

Do you think those clicks build you quality leads on your list? Absolutely not.  These clicks are empty clicks and bring your ROI down. Most of those leads never become prospects or buy any products at all.

All clicks are not equal 

Here is why you want to AVOID  traffic from most Asia, Africa and Western Europe countries:
Monthly income:   Low: $20 – $200-$800.  Most subscribers from these countries cannot afford to spend $29 on info products you sell.


Credit and debit cards in these countries are not common method for payment. PayPal and similar merchant services are not available.

Most internet users in developing countries are still discovering internet, learning English as a second language, and driven to opt in by curiosity only. They collect free e-books and reports  only.


Why some solo ads providers selling their clicks so cheap:

Because they sell “tire-clickers” and freebie seekers from countries that is hard to monetize. It seems their traffic is cheap until you separate US subscribers only to discover you overpaid 3-4 times.

In my experience after paying for a lot of solo ads I have discovered that most solo ads provider are able to deliver only 35-55% USA clicks in average. That means if you paid 40 cents per click you are getting 1 USA click for $.80 – $1.20 at best!


To build a list targeted by countries, niches and separate freebie seekers from buyers take time, skills and technology. Most solo ads providers don’t want to spend their resources on targeting and hides behind unsorted lists.

As a result, they bombard their subscribers with too many emails per day. It takes more balk mailing, number of messages and time to deliver promised amount of clicks.


As a result you get tired, beaten to death freebie-seekers with weak responsiveness to your messages. And when you send them your follow up messages, the open rate is extremely low and click trough rate barely above zero.  And that's why your chance to generate 20% - 50% ROI is extremely slim & almost impossible.


Average consumer in USA, CA and UK keeps credit and debit card handy in their wallet. They have access to many merchant services and capable to make financial transactions at any time day or night.  They are consumer mature, meaning that they make buying decision right on the spot.

They understand English and most likely already done research on the product they are looking for.  US population has being learned to buy what they need at the moment they feel craving for it.  Some US consumers buy product for stress relief or recreational activity. They are addicted to spend money and have low barriers to be hyper active consumers.

Now you can stop paying for garbage clicks and collect tire kickers and be in control with 100% USA targeted traffic solo ads.

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