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Solo Ad The Right Way and the Wrong Way

Many marketers make single mistake by sending traffic from solo ads directly to their monetisation offers, business opportunities presentations or MLM replicated web pages. This is waste of traffic. It is a most ineffective way of marketing.  This is extremely important in light of recent Gmail slap and here is how to overcome it.

The best way to use solo ads is by building your own mailing list of subscribers and cultivating relationship with this list by providing value added content, pre selling with educational information and developing trust based relationship.

Properly nurtured list of subscribers 40 to 70 times more valuable and brings significantly more profits per life of subscriber on your list.

Generally speaking, a poorly nurtured list that receive promotion after promotion a few times a day has low open rate and with even lower click true rate between 1% to 3%.

A well nurtured list of targeted quality subscribers on the list that knows you well and has trust to your recommendations has 60% to 70% open rate and 35%-60% click trough rate on the link in messages.

One simple reason not to build a big list:

In order to obtain 100 clicks to monetisation offer from poorly nurtured list it takes 10 000 subscribers, but from the well nurtured list of 10 000 subscribers we getting 3 500 to 6 500 consistently.

With a minimum 2% on buying rate poorly maintained list bring only 2 sales, while our well nurtured list brings 70- to 130 sales. 

Let say you send $29.00 offer to 10 000 list and money wise the estimated profit will be only $59 and $2020 $3770

Poorly nurtured list, burned with promotions

Trust-Relationship list

Email open rate



Click on link in email rate
(Click trough rate- CTR)



10 000 subscribers list

100- 300 clicks

3500-6500 clicks

$29 offer(as example)

$59-$177 profits

$2020-$3770 profits

This table demonstrates how shorter quality list received less promotions can bring substantially higher dollars per life of subscriber, if this list is properly maintained.

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