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Solo ads directories and solo ads reviews sites and forums pestered with fake testimonials and syndicated comments. 

How do you know that testimonials on some solo ads guru sales page or Warrior Forum are not actions of a tribe where each member of a tribe writes testimonials for each other?

The fact is: Solo ads tribes write testimonials for each other. They stay together, they sell together and they fake together. They defend each other no matter what, and back up on Warrior Forum with posts. Most likely you already become a victim of a tribal activities in solo ad industry but you may not aware of such. 

How can you defend yourself from tribal syndication activities?

Stay away from big names in the solo ads industry and a solo ads seller with the most testimonials.  According to our tests most famous gurus of the solo ads deliver poor quality and longevity of leads from their solo ads very short.

SOLUTION: Your experience is better than fake testimonials. Once you get hands on HYPER RESPONSIVE leads from you never going back to any guru or solo ad vendors out there. 


Most solo ads providers sell 55% to 70% dirty clicks.

A lot of solo ad sellers sell junk traffic and clicks that looks very good because produce subscribers and good conversion rate on your opt in page.  The trick is simple: solo ad providers silently deliver traffic from Asia, India, China and other countries who are active clickers and submit easily on your page without any considerations.

Reliability, real quality and cost of laser Geo targeted quality clicks from top tier countries are growing challenges for solo ad buyers who want to build quality list with leads able to spend money.

Stay away from solo ads unless it is 100% USA solo ads.  

Many solo sellers claim their clicks come up to 75% from top tier countries - USA, CA, UK, AU.  Think yourself how good for you to have subscribers on the same list residing in different time zones. Most likely you will get less than 45% leads from US, and rest from other top tier countries plus 25% to 35% pure garbage dirty clicks from countries you don't even want to have. 

The problem with so called top tier ( 1st tier) solo ads is that your emails going to be sent to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA at and Great Britain all at the same time, but subscribers 8 to 12 and more hours apart from each other. That is how you lose effectiveness of your emails. 

Stay away from solo ads not GEO targeted to ONE specific country. Stay away from so called Top Tier traffic. It is not the best way to spend your money. You get much more out of the lust geo targeted for 1 single country like only for USA, Only for Canada or only for United Kingdom.

SOLUTION: can provide you Geo targeted solo ad by targeting any single country you choose. We can build your list with precise demographics - age, gender, zip code and more. 


The Rolodex of solo ad sellers and Solo ads directory you can find somewhere on the internet got outdated pretty fast and no longer valid after 2-3 weeks of release. 

Do not surprise but most solo ads providers and even top and famous names of solo ad industry don't know how to generate fresh and unique subscribers themselves.

How do yo know it? Here is how to spot re-sellers: if you see a solo ad provider or solo ad agency selling only for one niche like in Money Making Business Opportunities and MLMs and not for any other niches like weight loss solo ads financial solo ads, health and fitness solo ads etc., - most likely they don't generate leads themselves.

People who know how to generate fresh leads from scratch are capable to build lists in more that one niche. Stay away from re-sellers. Unfortunately most solo ad providers and agency are re-sellers. 

Don't surprise that 99% of solo ad providers don't know how to generate fresh unique subscribers and leads outside of solo ad Skype community. 

They simply buy traffic from each other over and over again and sell you many times over sold and many times over shared subscribers.  

Solo ads sellers never reveal how many times they sold their list to other marketers.  Do you really want to build your list with subscribers sold every day to 10 other marketers?

It may be shocking to many but the most sophisticated solo ads sellers are capable to email 10 to 20 times a day to the same list 7 times a week. Do you really want to get their over burned tired and sick leads? Not me.

That is why we recommend you to stay away from solo ad Skype community and distance yourself from Skype solo ad groups as far as possible. 

SOLUTION: can build your list of buyers leads in ANY niche: Health - Weight loss solo ads, Forex solo ads, Mortgage solo ads, Fitness, Diet, Make Money MLM solo ads or Business opportunity solo ads, Personal Development, Self Improvement, Hight Ticket MMO and Biz ops. We can build you list for any special offer, project and industry because we generate leads our self. 

If you want to build virgin list form fresh and responsive leads that no other marketers sent promotional emails except you - consider to order our HYPER RESPONSIVE leads. This is 100 % USA geo targeted solo ad clicks and subscribers generated in real time from scratch and ONLY for you and not shared with any other marketers.

Most marketers seeking fast traffic for Empower Network MLM, Weight loss solo ad, or Business opportunity, has dealing with individual solo ads providers one by one. Dealing with individual solo ads providers is extremely time consuming, frustrating and can end up with loos of money and being scammed.