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  • A simple Solution to better solo ads quality

    Follow these 3 simple steps to get the best possible quality solo ads

  • Buy USA targeted solo ads with free solo ad 100, 200 or 300 clicks over delivery cheap solo ad

    TARGETED SOLO ADS TRAFFIC CATEGORIES: advertise to targeted list and get clicks to your website from from email advertisement:

    category mmo biz op business opportunity web traffic leads soloads   category health fat loss diet fitness web traffic leads solo ads   category personal development self help mindset web traffic leads solo ads  category all finantial legal pay day loan education dating leads



    usa soload leads all

    What type of list would you like to build? Cilick on the infographic image to see the difference and make decision what you need more - quantity or quality of leads.

    USA HYPER RESPONSIVE -are custom laser targeted real time leads- 40 Times better industry standarts: Brand new fresh leads, custom generated specifically for your offer from your specific niche and demographics, from list of proven buyers,100% USA unique list generated specifically for your campaign. You will be the only single marketer to promote to this VIRGIN list leads:

    • BUYERS list: these type of leads already proven to spend money in your industry.

    • Hyper responsive: the Open Rate (OR) and Click Trough Rate (CTR) 10 to 20 times higher.

    • The highest quality list possible

    • NO competition: the virgin list is never shared with any other marketers.

    • In our tests email click through rate (CTR) for our laser targeted custom generated virgin list is between 35%- 65%.

    FREE 100 CLICKS: with every clicks order. FREE 200 CLICKS - with monthly subscription

    FREE 300 CLICKS with weekly subscription

  • Solo Ad - The Wrong and the Right Way To Use Solo Ad Traffic

    Solo Ad The Right Way and the Wrong Way

    Many marketers make single mistake by sending traffic from solo ads directly to their monetisation offers, business opportunities presentations or MLM replicated web pages. This is waste of traffic. It is a most ineffective way of marketing.  This is extremely important in light of recent Gmail slap and here is how to overcome it.

  • Solo Ad Funnel- for Maximum Clicks

    Solo Ad Marketing Funnel for better use of Traffic and How To Build List Faster

    Whenever you decide to build your list buying one of our solo ads, please keep in mind the following few rules and directions for your funnel to be accepted.

    We reserve the right to reject (with no refund) any solo ad you purchase that isn’t using a subscription funnel flow and/or landing page shaped according to the following guidelines below.

  • Solo ad or Subscribers List- Fast List Building Options

    Build your list fast in 2 ways: traffic with Solo ad or download List Subscribers File 

    1) Solo ads sent on your behalf to our subscribers and they visit your opt in page by clicking your link in the solo ad.  They submit email and added to your list.


    STANDARD solo ads traffic and leads - that is what commonly sold by others: 1st tier countries about up to 75%. Minimum order is 3000 clicks two month in advance. It is very cheap inexpensive clicks to buy specially for Make Money Online MLM Business Opportunity Home Business, Health Weight and Fat Loss, Diet, Suppliments, Fitness and other solo ads.  

    USA TARGETED HYPER RESPONSIVE - are solo ad clicks and leads 100% from USA only (USA, Canada, United Kingdom(GB) - considered 1st Tier Countries. 

    Other countries filtered out because leads fom other countries proven low quality (and many other vendors silently sell them newbies in marketing). Filtered countries so called Third Tier Countries includes Asia Malaysia, India, Pakistan, China, Philippines, Western Europe, Africa. 

    Price - SAVE 50% ON LEADS, CLICKA & SUBSCRIBERS:  the standard price for 100% USA targeted clicks are usually 80-90 cents per click from other vendors. Our price is 50% lower than elsewhere for the same quality.  

    We generate  in balk and able to lower price per clicks to 50% of market price elsewhere. Our traffic generate a few million fresh clicks, subscribers and leads per week and we let you have it for a fraction of the cost.


     - In Make Money Online niche such as Empower Network iPASS 2 MOBE MTTB Matt Lloyd My Advertising Pays, Power Lead System, My Lead System Pro MLSP Pure Leverage Traffic Authority and other similar MLM or Business Opportunity Work from Home type of offers.
     - BUYERS
     list: these types of leads already proven to spend money in your industry.
     - 100% USA - are solo ad clicks  and leads only from USA. 
     - HYPER RESPONSIVE: the Open Rate (OR) and Click Trough Rate (CTR) 10 to 20 times higher compared to industry standards. In our tests email click through rate (CTR) for is between 35%- 65%.
     - 40 Times better industry standards- custom laser targeted fresh leads, generated specifically for your offer from your specific niche.

  • Solo Ad Trust Based Email Advertising - to build best quality hyper active subscribers list

    Solo Ad Trust Based Email Advertising

    Paid advertising is one of the fastest and most effective methods for drawing traffic and generating good quality leads for home business opportunities, CPA offers, Affiliate offers, MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Response offers. Solo ad Email advertising doesn't have to be difficult if it's done the right way. We can design your ad creative, send your email advertising piece to our well nurtured subscribers who trust our recommendations.

    Since we building our list based on trust-relationship by providing real value content to our subscribers, we are able to guarantee higher industry click through rate to your opt in page for every solo ad email campaign you order.

  • solo ads instant traffic from top first tier countries US, UK, CA, AU, NZ

    imageSelecting a right solo ad provider can bring instant fast  quality traffic to your website and let you build list of subscribers faster than with any other traffic strategies or methods such as banner advertisement, e zine articles, press releases or search engine optimization.

    Are you looking for responsive weight loss solo ads mlm solo ads empower network solo ads big idea marketing solo ads - yes we can get you solo ads in ANY niche company and categoryto build you list with real time leads.

    The most effective fast and almost instant solo ad traffic comes from first-tier countries US, UK, CA, AU, NZ - are the top 5 countries for quality solo ads (1st tier countries USA, CA, GB)  . See how the first tier country solo ads traffic works and why you want to avoid solo ads from all other countries.

    We do not recommend solo ads form any other countries except from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    WHY?????? If you do your math and calculations, it is easy to see that most ROI comes from subscribers reside in 1st tier countries.  Remember, quality of solo ads clicks always much more important than quantity.

    Avoid cheap solo ads  and Get quality solo ads

    Solo Ad Blog about solo ads 

  • Solo Ads over-delivery 100 200 or 300 FREE clicks

    Solo Ad FREE 100, 200, 300 clicks

    Want to order solo ad only 500 clicks and get 800? Yes, it is possible! Get solo ad for Weight Loss Fat Burning Diet Empower Network Make Money Traffic Authority - and all other MLM offers included Real Time leads traffic

  • Solo Ads versus Free Traffic strategies

    Solo Ad is one of the most effective and fast method of driving highly targeted USA solo ads traffic !-st tiers traffic countries: US, CA, UK, GB. 2-nd tier countries: New Zealand, Australia, Most top income earners in MLMs, Business opportunities and Internet Marketing niche made their fortune with solo ads from US clicks as a means to get traffic, turn clicks into subscribers and subscribers into leads.

  • Solo Ads with Hyper Solo Ads Agency Advantage

    Solo ad with 

    We GUARANTEE 35-55% unique visitors for any campaign from our solo ad agency that you choose OR we will re-run mailing for you again until our guarantee is met

  • What is a solo ads and how to use it

    Solo Ad Secrets

    It’s really simple. Some marketer with large enough list of subscribers agrees to recommend your offers and services in a single e-mail. They write advertising email to their list and include your URL link to your opt in page.

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