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What makes our web traffic different and how it is generated:

Our web traffic is not a typical advertising traffic you get from somewhere else. We do not use interruption types of advertisements such as banner ads, unrelated Facebook posts, or unexpected pop-ups.

We have dedicated lists of subscribers built around certain topics and niches. These subscribers are open to new offers and products. They actively open our emails and are highly responsive. 

Three main reasons that make our traffic highly targeted and responsive:

1) Targeted: generated for your specific offer/ website in mind
2) Fresh: generated in real time 
3) Responsive: generated from subscribers already active in your niche/category of interest for an extended period of time.

Traffic Generation Process:

1) Your advertisement is sent to our segmented lists of subscribers. 
2) Subscribers open and click on links to your website.
3) Real time visitors respond to your lead magnet and subscribe to your list.

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